Your Daily Walk with The Great Minds: Wisdom and Enlightenment of the Past and Present

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Do you desire to change the world? It all starts
with you so let's begin your transformation today!

Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds is a daily journey
based on psychological and spiritual principles that have been
scientifically confirmed and shown to help create lasting
change and personal growth. When each human being
changes and grows it directly affects humanity. If each individual
being is committed to change and self actualization
the Universe will directly feel this peace and universal transformation
will occur. There is no better time than Now to
take part in Universal peace and enlightenment.
Have you ever wondered?
  • What your purpose and meaning in life is?
  • How to combat anxiety and depression in your daily life?
  • How to begin pursuing your dreams and taking action to achieve them?
  • How to maintain peace of mind in a world of conflict and strife?
  • How to transcend the monotony of daily life and truly embrace what life has to offer you?

    I invite you to find the answers to these and other questions through meditations and journaling
    exercises on Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds: Wisdom and Enlightenment
    of the Past and Present, 3rd Edition

    About the Author

    Richard Singer is first of all a real human being who is quite faulty and still struggles
    with life on a daily basis, however on a worldly basis he is an award winning author, trained
    psychotherapist, Asst. Professor of Human and Social Science, and most importantly a seeker of
    truth. He continuously searches for wisdom to use in his life, as well as helping other human beings
    in their precious journey. He has studied Eastern Psychology, Buddhist Healing, and Non-Violence
    at the Doctoral Level; in addition, he has spent years devoted to the study of wisdom recorded
    throughout history. He seeks to impart this knowledge to the world through his writing. For
    more information please visit

    "Having used this book daily for several months, I can honestly recommend it to anyone seeking a path to
    spiritual growth."

    --Rev. J Francis Stroud, S.J., Director DeMello Spirituality Center

    "I have spent my life studying lots and lots of self-development books and I can say
    emphatically that Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds ranks in the top ten. I whole
    heartedly recommend this book to any seeker of self-development."
    --C. Kumarbabu, MD, former chair of Psychiatry,
    Govt. Stanley Hospital, India

    From Loving Healing Press

    SELF-HELP / Meditations

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