Prince Preemie: A Tale of a Tiny Puppy Who Arrives Early

Prince Preemie: A Tale of a Tiny Puppy Who Arrives Early

Prince Preemie: A Tale of a Tiny Puppy Who Arrives Early

The King and Queen of Puppy Kingdom are joyfully awaiting the arrival of their Prince. But the couple and their kingdom are thrown into upheaval when it is learned that Prince Puppy will arrive early, before his important crown is completed. How can they call him Prince without a crown? Discover how the King solves this problem in Prince Preemie: A Tale of a Tiny Puppy Who Arrives Early. Children will be swept away into this dreamy, fairy tale land of adorable dogs created from wool.

“As the mother of two children born preterm, I can relate to the sorrow and joy that Prince Preemie’s parents faced at his early arrival. Through magical writing and illustrations Jewel Kats and Claudia Marie Lenart once again help children of all abilities and their families understand the special gifts that are inside each one of us.”
–Kelli Kelley, Founder and Exec. Director, — Fragile Babies, Strong Support

Prince Preemie is a sweet book that offers a good way to start conversations with a preemie child about their early birth. The story hints at the stress and fear that comes with having a child prematurely, but leaves the reader feeling hopeful.”
–Andrea Mullenmeister, writer at

“The arrival of a premature baby can be confusing for a young child. In this delightful dog kingdom, Jewel Kats has created a teaching tool that normalizes the situation. Claudia Marie Lenart’s illustrations look cuddly, every child will love them and be drawn into the story of Prince Preemie even without the words.”
–Bob Rich, PhD, psychologist, author of Anger and Anxiety: Be In Charge of Your Emotions and Control Phobias

Prince Preemie is a feel good book — the story is one of inspiration, determination and acceptance. It reminds us that there is always hope and that with optimism, dedication and love you can create the good and happiness into every situation you face.”
–Robin Marvel, author of Framing a Family: Building a Foundation to Raise Confident Children

For more information please visit and Claudia Marie Felt
From Loving Healing Press
Juvenile Fiction : Social Issues – Special Needs<br.


  1. Beautiful story written by a beautiful person. It is an honour to have your last published piece of work dedicated to your nephew. Your story is such an inspiration to all the prince preemie’s out there.

  2. Jewel's Mom & Sisters

    This last book has meant so much to all of us for a number of different reasons. It was your last gift to us and we will cherish it forever. Having this booking without your personal autograph is the only thing that is truly missing. We are happy that Jewel discovered and embraced Claudia to be part of this beautiful book. We are forever grateful. It is very fitting that we received this book on the 1 year anniversary of Jewel’s passing because it made us feel closer to her. May you rest in peace. We love and miss you every moment of every day.

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