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SFC Blog: Families Matters
Book Review: Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair
Cinderella’a Magical Wheelchair
Author: Jewel Kats
Illustrations: Richa Kinra
ISBN: 978-1-61-599-112-9
Loving Healing Press

Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair is a fresh twist on the fairytale we all know and love. The wicked stepmother is still in the picture as are the wicked stepsisters, there is the prince, and of course Cinderella. The wonder of this story is the magical thread showing the reader that those with disabilities can have their dreams too.

A wonderful story like this is remarkable and long over due. Children will love the characters and will love and learn from Cinderella. The reader will see courage and determination as Cinderella doesn’t let her disability or physical challenge get in her way, and they will be thrilled when the prince sees past the wheelchair and into the real person that Cinderella has become.

I give this book a 5 star applause for bringing the challenges of a physical disability into the forefront and helping the reader to gain a sense of understanding and compassion not only for the characters but hopefully for those in real life. The text with the great illustrations begin the conversation for the reader and the adults who care for them about those with physical challenges.

Visit the authors website for more about the meaning behind her books and what is to come.

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