Why Jewel wrote Cinderella?

Jewel Kats

Jewel Kats

Okay, I admit it. I’m a romantic sappy chick who loves fairytales. My all-time favorite story happens to be Cinderella. Surprised? I think not. I’ve just about read every retold version out there. It sounds nuts, but it’s true. However, what I failed to come across is a Cinderella tale starring a physically different heroine. You know; someone I could relate to as a girl with a disability. That’s when I knew, I’d found a HUGE void in the publishing industry. My heart kicked me to do something about it. So, I hit my desk. I pulled out my laptop. I began to write. And write. And write. Before I knew it, five years flew by. (Insert: Big gasp!)

I wanted this story to be p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Hence, the gazillion rewrites. Every time I had a new idea, I’d erase the last. What kept me going? The image of physically-challenged children having a fairytale they could FINALLY claim as their own. I imagined smiles when I injected humor into the story. I imagined popping eyes when dramatic climaxes shot up. I imagined satisfying my readers with a happy ending. These envisioned thoughts helped me pen the hardest book of my life. After much perfume-scented sweat, my manuscript was completed. (Insert: Two thumbs up!)

Now, that I was done, I figured the hard part was over. Wrong. Selling my baby came with hurdles, too. While my other manuscripts sold like hot cakes; this didn’t ring true for Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair. Rejection letters poured in like wild rain clouds. Yet, I didn’t give up. Even after an American editor personally called to say: “You’re too talented to be writing about disabilities.” I even heard from everyday people that this book wouldn’t sell. It’s just “unrealistic to think of a Princess with a disability.” I didn’t care. I believed in the message of my story, and remained committed to see it come through. As luck has it, my dream came true. (Insert: Party hat!)

My current publisher (Loving Healing Press) picked up Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair. Together, we’ve set out to create history together by releasing a fairytale retold classic with a physically challenged protagonist. Our Cinderella faces an evil stepfamily, experiences magic, attends a ball, and lands the Prince. The only difference is she’s business savvy and a chick that uses a wheelchair. Who says all Princesses have to be the same??? (Insert: Smile.)




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