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July 5, 2011
What Do You Use To Help Your Body? by Jewel Kats

What Do You Use To Help Your Body? is a juvenile fiction dealing with social issues and special needs.

Maggie loves going for walks with her Momma, her Momma knows so much, that every walk is interesting. This time her Momma has arranged to have her meet different people in her neighbourhood who use assistive devices to help their bodies.

Each time Maggie meets another member of her community, she asks them what they use to help them out. Each member shares with Maggie their special need, such as Yan, who uses a communication board to speak or Todd, who uses a seeing eye dog.

At the end of their walk, Maggie and her Momma recap their outing and Maggie is reminded that you should never be rude or impolite about someone’s special need. She agrees to always be respectful when inquiring about each individuals assistive devices!

I found this to be a very thoughtful and informing book for young people. I thought it was a well-explained and illustrated young reader. The pictures are done quite colourfully and with an airbrush quality to them that will be sure to engage any young reader.

I think this book is a great way to explain to young people the differences between those who require assistive devices and those who do not. It is explained in a gentle and approaching way that will sure to benefit those questions we often don’t always have the answer to give.

Jewel Kats (1978 – ) is an award-winning writer. For six years, she penned a teen advice column for Young People’s Press. “Confidentially Yours” appeared in dozens of newspapers via the Scripps Howard News Service and TorStar Syndication Services. Her work on this column led her to win a $5,000 writing scholarship by women’s publisher, Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. She later earned a $15,000 scholarship from Global Television Network.

Jewel’s upcoming books include: Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair and What Do You Use to Help Your Body? She hails from an Indo-Canadian background, and calls Toronto home.

Visit Jewel Kats at her website!

Who are the people with disabilities in your neighborhood? Maggie and Momma love going for walks. During every outing, Maggie learns about something new. Today’s no different! Momma has arranged for Maggie to meet lots of people in her neighborhood. They all have different jobs. They all come from different cultures. They all use different things to help their bodies. Maggie doesn’t just stop to chit-chat. Rather, she gets to the bottom of things. By asking the right question, she discovers how many people with disabilities use aids to help them out. Let’s find out how they work, too!

** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by I see it~!! **

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  1. Wow, Jewel. You are a really unique person, and I just found your Cinderella book. I am going to order What Do You Use To Help Your Body for my preschool class.
    All the best!

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