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Reader ViewsJuly 10, 2011
What Do You Use to Help Your Body?

In “What Do You Use to Help Your Body?” a girl whose name is Maggie and her mom go on a walk. Her mom made it so that they would see different people who use different things to help them. Sometimes people need help with things if they got hurt or something. Sometimes people are born that way too and need extra help.

Some of the different things that the girl Maggie learns about are hearing aids, wheelchairs, canes, and walkers. I have seen people with wheelchairs, and canes, and walkers before.

Some of the things in the book I didn’t know about. I haven’t ever seen anyone who had an artificial leg before. I also thought that the communication board was kind of neat. It is good that the lady had one so that she could talk to people. She talked by pointing to pictures and letters on the board so people knew what she wanted to say. If she didn’t have one of those, I don’t think anyone would know what she needed and that wouldn’t be very good.

I liked learning about all of the different things that help people. It says in the book that they are called “assistive devices.” I liked the pictures of the things in the book too. I thought the walker was a wheelchair though because the lady was sitting on it. But, it says that she sits on it when she needs to rest. “What Do You Use to Help Your Body?” is a good book; it helps kids learn about these things that some people need.

What Do You Use to Help Your Body?
Jewel Kats
Loving Healing Press (2011)
ISBN 9781615990832
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 6.5) for Reader Views (6/11)

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