From Jewel’s hubby…

Dear Jewel,

You never asked for a handout, only for a hand up. I did everything I could. For your last birthday, I got you this award. You sparkled and shined like the brightest, most brilliant star in the night sky. I’m so happy I got to be a part of it.


Anokhi Open Chest Interview

Raj Girn interviews me before ANOKHI’s super glam-glam awards ceremony! At the event, I was honored with the Crusader of the Year Award For People With Disabilities. Feast your eyes on this signficantly in-depth interview of my life. This video bursts with energy.

ARCHIE COMICS and Little Ol’ Me!!!!!!

harper and archie

I’ve been DYING to share this news with you. I finally got the green light! If you know anything about me, you’re well aware that I’m a HUGE fan of “Archie Comics”. Well…I have MAJOR news. Yours truly (me!), has directly inspired a new character in “Archie Comics”. She’s created by comic genius/wizard, Dan Parent. This man is a legend in the comics world. Harper is his mastermind, and the cousin of, Veronica Lodge. She’s eccentric, a fashionable diva and a wheelchair-user. (Does this sound like someone else? Hmmm.) Harper will be launched in issue #656 of “Archie”. It hits newsstands on June 18. Show your support! P.s. Do you think Harper and I, look alike???