ARCHIE COMICS and Little Ol’ Me!!!!!!

harper and archie

I’ve been DYING to share this news with you. I finally got the green light! If you know anything about me, you’re well aware that I’m a HUGE fan of “Archie Comics”. Well…I have MAJOR news. Yours truly (me!), has directly inspired a new character in “Archie Comics”. She’s created by comic genius/wizard, Dan Parent. This man is a legend in the comics world. Harper is his mastermind, and the cousin of, Veronica Lodge. She’s eccentric, a fashionable diva and a wheelchair-user. (Does this sound like someone else? Hmmm.) Harper will be launched in issue #656 of “Archie”. It hits newsstands on June 18. Show your support! P.s. Do you think Harper and I, look alike???

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  1. Hi Jewel,
    My name is Erin and I was happy to see this Archie issue that includes a new character that is disabled. Harper who will be in Archie #656. I’m also a woman who in a wheelchair and I was so happy to see a disabled girl in a comic and on the cover. I can’t wait till the issue comes out. I just hope it’s a good story and she is more involved in world of Archie and not mentioned just once. I preorder 2 regular covers and a variant.
    I have Hereditary spastic paraplegia and I had it for 10 years. I use a wheelchair and a power chair. I wear braces on each leg. I ‘m the only one in the family with it.
    Take Care

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