Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair audiobook!

cover of Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair, audiobook edition

Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair, audiobook edition

Extremely proud to announce our first-ever Jewel Kats audiobook. This was an early book of Jewel’s and it remains one of my most favorite. It has everything we have come to love about her writing: a plucky heroine, a disability that is just a small part of who she is, and the courage to get things done, regardless of obstacles. A bit like the woman herself.

Even better, we have hired Doug West (ZAQ Designs) who worked on ALL of the later book covers to come back and redo Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair with some fresh razzle-dazzle.  As always, you can get this audiobook free when you start a subscription at  Contact if you would like to write a review of the audiobook and I can send you a Redemption Code (sorry, US and UK residents only).

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