My 8th Book — Snow White’s Seven Patches: A Vitiligo Fairy Tale — hits the market!

Snow White's Seven Patches

“Snow White’s Seven Patches: A Vitiligo Fairy Tale” is my eighth book, and third in the Fairy Ability Tales series. This is the FIRST fairy tale in HISTORY featuring a Princess with the skin condition of vitiligo.

PICTURE BOOK PLOT: “Snow White’s Seven Patches: A Vitiligo Fairy Tale” is a modern-day story with the classical theme of good conquering evil. You’ll find the age-old ingredients of a magic mirror, poisonous apple, dwarfs, and romance here. However, this adaptation includes a vain mother who’s so clouded by beauty myths that she keeps her own daughter a secret, while plagiarizing the workings of her mind. Everything falls apart when the good mirror finally speaks the truth!

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