Teddy Bear Princess: A Story about Sharing and Caring

Teddy Bear Princess is a magical story for all times!

Teddy Bear Princess
Unlike other fairy tales, the concepts of sharing and caring are seamlessly woven together. Teddy Bear Princess is a sweet, plush Royalty figure who deeply values her friendship with unicorn, Zumba. Luxury may be at her fingertips, but it’s Zumba whom she holds nearest and dearest. Together, this duo flies sky-high in their quests to give. Teddy Bear Princess is sure to delight children and fantasy-enthusiasts time-and-time again.


  • Teddy Bear Princess illustrates that material goods can never replace a meaningful friendship.
  • Despite being Royalty, Teddy Bear Princess works hard to find berries in castle fields. This instills the value of depending on your sheer efforts to succeed.
  • Teddy Bear Princess and Zumba not only receive joy amidst their travels, but partake in pleasure by sharing found goods with unicorns in need.

“Teddy Bear Princess highlights friendship and sharing while taking the reader on a fun, uplifting adventure. Although the story is a quick read, I found it created a sense of peace and enjoyment for me. The perfect bedtime story to relax into dreamland with!”
–Robin Marvel, author of Awakening Consciousness: A Girl’s Guide!

“The Teddy Bear Princess is a sweet bedtime story for any little girl. This story has everything little girls love from frilly dresses to a best friend who flies. The story leaves the subtle message that the key to a beautiful life is giving of yourself.”
–Shellie-Braeuner, author The Great Dog Wash

“Another wonderful book by author Jewel Kats. The simple text is perfect for beginning readers. The story itself is simple and a wonderful read when putting your little princess down at nap or bedtime. The illustrations only add to this delightful story book”
–VS Grenier, Award-winning author of Babysitting SugarPaw

From Marvelous Spirit Press

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  1. Jewel you are my kind of woman. Amazing, awesome, full of great spirit and a general awesomeness that is way beyond that of the normal people.

    Have you looked at possibly introducing your work as a form of therapy throughout the hospital paediatric units? My son has a chronic illness and is in and out of hospital and I have seen a general need to give the other kids as well as Ryan a frame of reference that refers them back to being ‘normal’ within the scope of the function of the world they have to live in. I believe that your work would be wonderful in this capacity.

    I don’t know about in Canada but in Australia we have a program in the paediatric units called the Starlight room which is geared toward general activities, movies, art therapy and other things to help the kids pass the time. When Ryan was well enough I was forever chasing him out of the starlight room but this would be an excellent avenue for you to look at in terms of sharing work. I think it would be essential and invaluable.

    Simply put your work is AWESOME!!! And I don’t generally like pink!

    Cheryl Van Hoorn

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