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What Do You Use to Help Your Body? Maggie Explores the World of Disabilities by Jewel Kats

What Do You Use to Help Your Body? Maggie Explores the World of Disabilities

What Do You Use to Help Your Body? Maggie Explores the World of Disabilities

  • ISBN-10: 1615990836
  • ISBN-13: 978-1615990832

Maggie and Momma love going for walks. During every outing, Maggie learns about something new. Today’s no different! Momma has arranged for Maggie to meet lots of people in her neighborhood. They all have different jobs. They all come from different cultures. They all use different things to help their bodies. Maggie doesn’t just stop to chit-chat. Rather, she gets to the bottom of things. By asking the right question, she discovers how many people with disabilities use aids to help them out. Let’s find out how they work, too!

• Children will learn that disabilities occur in every culture
• Parents and teachers can accurately explain how various disability aids work
• Children will realize that working with a disability is a possibility for some
• Therapists can use this book as a motivational tool for patients with disabilities
• Kids can satisfy their curiosity about disability aids in an unimposing manner

Chanel’s Journal : Overall, this help Maggie to learn of all the different disabilities each person have and how they go through with their daily routine using tools to assist them to lead to normal life. Each person is special in their own way and need to do things differently. They also need to be respected too like normal people. This book would also help our children to recognize others’ differences with respect and never look down or make fun of others.

2 Thumbs & A Dummy – I really like that they covered a wide range of disabilities because it was an eye opener for my kids. It also teaches them to be sensitive and not point out someone’s special need. Though I’m not too sure how Grandpa would react if she told him that he was disable since he uses a walker and a cane! lol But for the moment, we’re enjoying it!

Mom 2 BB Reviews – The book is written in a simple and easy to understand story which is ideal for children aged 6 years and above. I thought the illustration were also a big help as they clearly show the disability aids, which many children may not have seen before OR have seen before, but are not aware of what they really are.

If you are more observant, you may also notice that the characters in the book consisted of people from many different cultural background. Thumbs up to the author and illustrator for including that.

After Meal Gossip -Only when I started reading it to my 7 years old daughter, I realised how nicely thought out it was. The illustration was nice and full page, clearly indicating the body parts which needed help.

Captain Fussybuckets – I read this book to Captain Fussybuckets and he was very intrigued to learn about the different devices people use when they have a disability. I don’t think he pays much attention to these things yet, but there will come a day when he will have questions. It’s definitely a good idea to pre-teach this kind of stuff, in hopes that he will be respectful if he sees someone with a disability in real life. This is a good starting point to teach kids that all people are different and there are many different disabilities and devices that we have, but that we are all the same on the inside and we should treat everyone with respect.

Rambling Moo – This is such a lovely book in explaining why certain people with disabilities require special devices to help them along in their life. Young children will have better understanding why certain people require “assistive devices” and why some don’t.

The Truth About Mummy -The book is soft cover but has large colorful pictures which my girls loved. It’s 24 pages long and rather wordy for little ones but perfect for the 5 plus age group. Middle pink, who is 5, found it particularly engaging and asked a lot of good quality questions. What I like best about What do you use to help your body? is that it’s a perfect discussion started. It inspires all sort of questions and gave me a great way to encourage the girls to think and begin to form their own opinions.

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