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Credit: Kaleidoscope Photography

Credit: Kaleidoscope Photography

Art by Dan Parent

Art by Dan Parent

Hey! I’m Jewel Kats. Welcome to my site. Stay awhile, and check me out 😉

My books:

Children’s Books Heal reviews Jenny & Her Dog


Big shout out to Children’s Books Heal for their thoughtful review of Jenny and Her Dog Both Fight Cancer: A Tale of Chemotherapy and Caring

Jewell Kats has written a heartwarming and honest story about a girl and her dog both receiving a cancer diagnosis. This is a refreshing angle on a story. The bond between Jenny and her dog is realistic. Even though Jenny is still receiving chemo and feels sick many days, she bravely accompanies Dolly to her treatments. Together they love and support one another through many tough times. Jenny is a very courageous character. And Dolly is the best medicine for Jenny’s healing process. But the prognosis is not always good for dogs with cancer. As Jenny gets better, Dolly begins to weaken.

From Jewel’s hubby…

Dear Jewel,

You never asked for a handout, only for a hand up. I did everything I could. For your last birthday, I got you this award. You sparkled and shined like the brightest, most brilliant star in the night sky. I’m so happy I got to be a part of it.


Anokhi Open Chest Interview

Raj Girn interviews me before ANOKHI’s super glam-glam awards ceremony! At the event, I was honored with the Crusader of the Year Award For People With Disabilities. Feast your eyes on this signficantly in-depth interview of my life. This video bursts with energy.

What an honor! George Brown College names me a “student success story”!


My initial children’s manuscripts were developed at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. Now, the Dean of their continuing education program has named me a “student success story”! I’m currently featured online, in their full page newspaper ad and in their student course catalog. What a HUGE, HUGE honor!


Canada’s “Global National News” profiles my work on TV!

Hooray! I’m profiled on Canada’s “Global National News”! Guess who is interviewed as well? My two sisters, and publisher. Check out the video to hear what we have to say 🙂